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Hindi (हिंदी) Font
My and all Hindi Speaking people's favorite font to type in Hindi. One of the best font and widely popular too.
 Windows / Mac / Linux  7598

New Delhi Normal
New Delhi Normal Font is another popular font for typing in Hindi. Certainly, the resident of New Delhi love this font. Feel free to download!
 Windows / Mac / Linux  1620

New Delhi Bold
If you love New Delhi Normal, you will certainly love New Delhi Bold. It is Bolder, Stronger & Beautiful Hindi Font.
 Windows / Mac / Linux  1110

New Delhi Bold Italic
Another Version of New Delhi Font that is both Bold and Italic.
 Windows / Mac / Linux  334

New Delhi Italic
Italic Version of a New Delhi Font. Try also our New Delhi Normal, New Delhi Bold Hindi Fonts.
 Windows / Mac / Linux  339

Agra Font is the most common font for typing Devanagari characters in Hindi and Nepali.
 Windows / Mac / Linux  1358

Simple and Elegant fonts to type in Devanagari
 Windows / Mac / Linux  1105

Devanagari Bold
Strong version of Devanagari Fonts for typing in Hindi and Nepali.
 Windows / Mac / Linux  1483

Devanagari New
Oldest and most frequently used fonts to type in Hindi and Nepali.
 Windows / Mac / Linux  1727

Devlys Bold
Devlys Bold Hindi Font is one of a variant of Devlys Normal Font.Feel Free to download Devlys Bold Font for FREE & install on your computer using the instruction given at the bottom of the to install the font.
 Windows / Mac  655

Devlys Normal
Devlys Normal Hindi Fonts are the popular and widely used Hindi Fonts because of its elegant design. Feel Free to download Devlys Normal Font for FREE & install on your computer using the instruction given at the bottom of the to install the font.
 Windows / Mac  618

Fontasy Himali
Fontasy Himali Regular is a Normal TrueType Devanagari Font. The Font Weidth and Font Width are Normal.
 Windows / Mac  1014

Himalaya Font is a Regular Normal True Type Devanagari Font.
 Windows / Mac  1047
 How to Install Hindi Font?
  1. Download the selected Hindi Font.
  2. Extract Zipped Hindi Font using RAR Software
  3. Go to Control Panel, and open the "Fonts" Folder.
  4. Copy the font from the extracted folder and paste it into the "Fonts" Folder.

A BRIEF Origin of Hindi Script and Hindi Fonts

Hindi is one of 23 official languages of India, and is reported to be the second most commonly spoken language in the world. (Only Mandarin Chinese has a greater number of speakers.) Approximately 500 million people around the world speak a dialect of Hindi, and an even greater number have at least some familiarity with it. India’s popular “Bollywood” films have served to expose viewers in many parts of the world to the sounds of Hindi.

Hindi Keyboard Layout for Devlys and Krutidev Hindi Font

Fig 1. The Hindi Keyboard Layout for Devlys and Krutidev Hindi Font

However, included in those 500 million are speakers of the many regional dialects of the language, which are often quite different. Hindustani is the term used to describe this closely related series of languages or dialects, including Hindi and Urdu. In this course, we teach Standard Hindi as spoken in New Delhi. While elsewhere in India other dialects are more prevalent, the New Delhi dialect will be understood by most people you will meet. And while there are 23 official languages, only Hindi and English are official government languages of communication.

The Hindi language actually shares some roots with English, as both are considered descendants of the Indo-European parent language spoken in Central Asia approximately seven thousand years ago. However, while English has its linguistic roots in the West Germanic language family, Hindi is a descendant of the classical Sanskrit of Central Asia and belongs to the Indo-Iranian family. Today, most Indians are multi-lingual, speaking Hindi, English (one of the main dialects of English, called "Indian English"), and one or more regional dialects.

Hindi Keyboard Layout for Devanagari Hindi Font

Fig 1. The Hindi Keyboard Layout for Devanagari Hindi Font

Hindi is a close relative of the Urdu language spoken in Pakistan, and speakers of the two languages can often understand one another, at least to some extent. Both languages are descendants of the colloquial Hindustani spoken in northern India in the ninth and tenth centuries. (The name “Hindi” is of Persian origin, and was first used by Persian-speaking Turks who established the “Delhi Sultanate” in the eleventh century A.D.) That said, the marked cultural differences between India and Pakistan have caused the Hindi and Urdu languages to develop along somewhat different lines, so that they are no longer entirely mutually comprehensible. Though extremely similar, the two are now considered separate languages. Urdu is written in a Persian-Arabic script, while Hindi is written in the Devanagari script.